One Ecosystem inaugurates Editor’s Choice award to recognise outstanding research

11 January 2024

In a new initiative, One Ecosystem is setting up an Editor’s Choice award, which will distinguish a new paper published in the journal every year.

This year’s award goes to Natalia Alvarado-Arias, lead author of the research article Evaluation and mapping of the positive and negative social values for the urban river ecosystem.

Her study assessed and mapped the socio-cultural, non-monetary, positive and negative values of the rivers and their ecosystem services in Loja City, Ecuador. It enhances our understanding of the social values and preferences associated with ecosystem services in urban river contexts.

As the lead author, Natalia Alvarado-Arias will be granted a voucher for one APC-free publication in One Ecosystem in recognition of the value that her paper offers.

We are looking forward to receiving more exciting contributions to One Ecosystem and take a moment to thank all our authors, editors, and reviewers for being part of our team.

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