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Mapping and assessing ecosystems services. ESMERALDA special issue
The proposed Special Issue in One Ecosystem will be one of the outcomes from the EU funded project ESMERALDA (Enhancing ecosystem services mapping for policy and decision making ESMERALDA aims to deliver a ‘flexible methodology’ that can provide innovative building blocks for pan-European, national and regional ES mapping and assessment. This will ensure the timely delivery by all EU member states of Action 5 of the European Biodiversity strategy, and local assessments required for spatial planning, agriculture, climate, water and nature policy.
Papers published: 26   |  Total pages: 530
Subjects:General ecology (1), Landscape ecology (4), Economy (1), Soil science (1), Habitats, ecosystems & natural spaces (8), Agriculture and Forestry (2), Ecological expertise & Expert systems (4), Ecology & Environmental sciences (13)
Regions:Pacific Ocean (1), Central America and the Caribbean (1), Greece (1), Germany (1), Netherlands (1), Southern Europe and Mediterranean (2), World (3), France (1), South America (1), Indian Ocean (1), Western Europe (1), Pacific (1), Europe (12), Oceans (1), Polar (1), Middle East (1), Romania (1), Central Europe (2)
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Mapping and assessment of ecosystem condition and ecosystem services across different scales and domains in Europe
This is a special article collection from the conference „Mapping and assessment of ecosystem services - Science in action“ held in Sofia in February 2017. Ecosystem services have become an amazingly popular topic in science and the number of publications dealing with this subject is increasing. This special issue aims at publishing a variety of ecosystem services research outputs - methods, data, case studies, tools and their applications in science and policy making.
Papers published: 13   |  Total pages: 276
Subjects:Ecological expertise & Expert systems (1), Habitats, ecosystems & natural spaces (7), General ecology (1), Landscape ecology (6), Forest ecology (1), Economy (1), Ecology & Environmental sciences (7), Soil science (1), Capacity buidling (1)
Regions:Central Europe (1), Northern Europe (2), Southern Europe and Mediterranean (2), Western Europe (1), Greece (1), Norway incl. Finnmark (1), Bulgaria (1), Scandinavia (1), Europe (10)
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Ecosystem Services - Methods, Data and Applications
Collection of papers from the 8th ESP Conference in South Africa, Stellenbosch, 9-13 November 2015
Papers published: 6   |  Total pages: 122
Subjects:Landscape ecology (1), Macro-economy (2), Habitats, ecosystems & natural spaces (2), Ecology & Environmental sciences (1), Ecological expertise & Expert systems (1), Economy (1)
Regions:World (1), Europe (1)
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