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Subject Editors

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Fernando Santos    

King Juan Carlos University
Madrid, Spain

Subject: Ecology & Environmental sciences; Tropical agriculture; Landscape ecology; Ecological expertise & Expert systems

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Jan Staes    

University of Antwerp
Antwerp, Belgium

Subject: Landscape ecology; Ecological expertise & Expert systems

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Bastian Steinhoff-Knopp            

Leibniz Universität Hannover
Hannover, Germany

Subject: Agricultural ecology; Landscape ecology; Soil science

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Pavel Stoev            

National Museum of Natural History and Pensoft Publishers
Sofia, Bulgaria

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Boris van Zanten

VU Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Petteri Vihervaara

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)
Helsinki, Finland

Subject: Ecology & Environmental sciences; Bioinformatics; Remote sensing; Ecosystem services; Forestry; Biodiversity & Conservation

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Carla-Leanne Washbourne            

University College London
London, United Kingdom

Subject: Ecology & Environmental sciences; Soil science

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Louise Willemen

University of Twente
Enschede, Netherlands

Subject: Ecology & Environmental sciences; Agricultural ecology; Landscape ecology; Habitats, Ecosystems & Natural Spaces

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Miglena Zhiyanski            

Forest Research Institute - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Sofia, Bulgaria

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Jana Zscheischler

Leibniz-Zentrum für Agrarlandschaftsforschung (ZALF)
Müncheberg, Germany

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