Overview of ecosystem types, ecosystem condition and selected ES in the eight CS. Adapted from Geneletti et al. (2020).

Ecosystem type: a. Urban; b. Cropland; c. Grassland; d. Woodland and forest; e. Heathland and shrub; f. Sparsely-vegetated land; g. Wetlands; h. Rivers and lakes; i. Marine inlet and transitional waters; j. Coastal; k. Shelf.

** ES Classification: CICES and CICES 5.1. Common Classification of ES (previous versions and current version 5.1.); NC: Natural Capital; TEEB: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB 2010).  

  Part of: Sieber IM, Montero-Hidalgo M, Kato-Huerta J, Rendon P, Santos-Martín F, Geneletti D, Gil A, Trégarot E, Lagabrielle E, Parelho C, Arbelo M, van Beukering P, Bayley D, Casas E, Duijndam S, Cillaurren E, David G, Dourdain A, Haroun R, Maréchal J-P, Martín García L, Otero-Ferrer F, Palacios Nieto E, Pelembe T, Vergílio M, Burkhard B (2022) Mapping and assessing ecosystem services in Europe`s Overseas: A comparative analysis of MOVE case studies. One Ecosystem 7: e87179. https://doi.org/10.3897/oneeco.7.e87179