Dendogram of 18 sampling plots generated through UPGMA using Jaccard Similarity Index. Bootstraping was done at n = 1000; cophenetic correlation is 0.94. SMQ1-SMQ3 and SMQ12 are plots located in submontane (the upper part of the lake); SMQ4-SMQ11 - plots located in submontane (along the lake); LLQ1-LLQ3 are plots located in the lowland; MOQ1-MOQ3 – plots in the montane forest.

  Part of: Aureo WA, Reyes Jr. TD, Mutia FCU, Tandang DN, Jose RP (2021) Floristic composition and community structure along the elevational gradient of Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park in Negros Oriental, Philippines. One Ecosystem 6: e56536.